Meet the organizing team of the Festival

The faces behind it all

Meet the team

We couldn't have pulled off this amazing event year after year without the help of this talented crew. Thank you team for your ongoing support and hard work!
Rahim Noudehaki

Founder, CEO, organizer

Natalie Farkas

Administrative coordinator

Eva Bégin Galarneau

Festival coordinator


Marie-Jo Descosse

Artistic director

Radek Stobiecki

Member of the board of directors

Nancy Nguyen

Web and UX designer

Selom Sorel

Logistics manager

Marzieh Tafaghod

Logistics consultant

DJ Chris Feist

Head of music department

Emmy Pepper

Member of the board of directors

Claudia Martinangeli

Communications & marketing manager

Adam Daniow

Logistics manager

Monique Gruber

Festival coordinator

Kian Mazaheri

Festival organizer

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