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Artists and performers

Performance Registration

All performers must register here!

For all artists wishing to perform, read this page very carefully as you fill out the form below. You must register for 2022 using our new registration form in addition to purchasing an artist pass.

After you have successfully submitted a registration with this form, you must go to our Tickets page to purchase an artist pass.

Rules for registration

  1. This form is for everyone who is performing (not teaching) amateur to professional - contact us if you’re interested in teaching

  2. All artists in group choreographies must purchase an artist pass at the same time as registering for the performance (tickets here). THIS REGISTRATION IS NOT CONFIRMED UNTIL ALL ARTISTS FOR YOUR LISTED PERFORMANCES HAVE PURCHASED A PASS. Until your purchase has been received and reviewed, your registration will be pending.

  3. Directors - amateur directors must also purchase an artist pass at the same time as registering for a performance

Fill out the form below to begin

Performance details

For each performance you have (this form allows you to submit 3 - email us separately if you wish to submit more) - please submit the choreography details!

Mandatory choreography details include:

  • The title of the performance

  • The genre or type of performance it is (e.g., salsa styling)

  • The FULL NAMES OF ALL DANCERS who are participating in the performance

  • The choreography length (you can include it in the separate text field provided

If you have more than one performance, fill out the information for your other performances below for 2 more. Please contact us if you plan to have more than 3 performances to register with us.

Thanks for registering your performances with the Festival. Please remember to purchase the artist's pass right after this to speed up your verification status with the Festival. See you there!

*By registering, you give consent to be photographed/videotaped/interviewed throughout the duration of the 2022 Ottawa-Gatineau International Salsa Festival.  These photos/videos/interviews are for the sole use of OGISF for promotion and display (including but not limited to websites, videos, print and television news) and not for any commercial purpose.  


** By registering, you will not hold the Ottawa-Gatineau International Salsa Festival liable for any personal injury, bodily harm or any personal property damage, which may occur on the premises before, during or after the Festival.  


*** By registering, you accept and acknowledge the above terms and conditions and agree to them.

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